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Welcome mp3 enthusiasts of all levels! This website is your SOURCE for mp3 related files and information.

Whether you're a beginner having absolutely no idea how to extract digital audio from a CD, or a seasoned collector with volumes of archived music, this website will provide you with software and information detailing how to create the highest quality/best sounding mp3 files from CD!

I have made every effort to make this site as "user friendly" and informative as possible. The files I have selected are also easy to use so don't think you need an advanced degree to use them. In the tie it takes you to eat lunch, you can be encoding professional sounding mp3 files from your PC!

ALWAYS get to this site by going to -->

Recent News/Site Updates:

9/23/01: This place gets a facelift!
9/11/01: Hey bin laden, your days are numbered... no one messes with the USA!

  If you're a UNIX/LINUX or a Mac/OS user, you should probably just skip to the Links section; There you will find links for software for your platforms. The files on this site are for Windows users only. Also check out the Information and Analysis sections as they are platform independent.