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4. Distributing the Remaining Files

After the splitting is complete, you'll be left with the following.

The next thing we need to do is copy over the VTS_01 Title set; this means all three files:


Since the movie is contained within this title set, we can skip this step. Just know that some DVDs do not have the main movie contained within the the VTS_01 titleset.
Note: if you're movie is contained in the VTS_04_*.* titleset, you will need to copy over all previous title sets in order for the menus to work. (See the quide that shows how to rip/split/copy XXX.)

So all that remains is to distribute the remaining files (other titlesets) over the two discs. This is pretty easy in this case since the only other files are the VTS_02_X.* as shown in the picture below containing the original rip. Remember though, we can only fit about 4.5 gig on a DVD5 so we need to evenly distribute any remaining title set between the two discs. Again, this example is simple since there are only about 120 meg in bonus materials.

So copy over the 2nd title set (VTS_02_X.*) to the first disc as shown below