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5 . Fixing the Start Point of the 2nd Disc

Since we split the movie onto 2 DVDrs, it would be pretty lame if the 2nd disc didn't jump right into the movie when we put it in the DVD player wouldn't it?

Load VIDEO_TS.IFO of the 2nd disc in IfoEdit and locate the title which contains the main movie.

As you can see, it's title 1 (28 chapters, the entire movie); remember this for the next step.

What we need to do is is locate the "Pre Command" in the bottom window; you'll need to scroll all the way down to do so as illustrated below.

Selected "1.Pre Command," then right-click it and select "Edit Command" from the popup menu.

Select the (Jump_TT) Jump to Title command and select the title number of the main movie (one in this case), then press OK.

Now hit "Save."